Leisure for everyone!

What is Passalen?

Passalen is a non-profit association that supports everyone’s right to meaningful and active leisure time. Passalen’s target clients are children and young adults with disabilities.

We believe that accessible, self-chosen activities in the company of others foster participation, self-confidence and self-esteem.

What is a non-profit organisation?

A non-profit organisation is an association of people who share a number of ideas.

Passalen is a community non-profit organisation which works towards inclusion for children and young adults with disabilities.

How can I become a member?

To be able to participate in Passalen’s activities you must become a member of the association. To do this you simply fill in the membership form on Passalen’s homepage.

To become an active member and be involved in running the organisation you must be an active participant (at least 10 times per year). Membership costs 100 SEK per year. If you would like to support Passalen as a passive member (for example as a relative), membership is free. Select the ‘supporting member’ box when you fill in the form.

Passalen is an organisation which isn’t profit-driven and the money from membership fees is used to run the organisation’s activities. If you are a registered member then you are also insured for our activities.

which activities are
suitable for me?

Parents and guardians can find out about Passalen and our activities through the Parent Coach Programme. Together with a representative of Passalen, parents and guardians can find out which activities are suitable for the participant and then receive further information about how to register and then take part in the activity.

Send an email to fanny.r@passalen.se and she will get back to you with further details!

How do I use the app and calendar?

The easiest way to find activities is to download the Passalen app. On the app you can scroll through all of our activities and register directly. If you don’t have access to a smartphone all our activities can also be found on our website www.passalen.se.


Download the app from the
App Store or Google Play.


Look at the range of activities
on offer.


Register and take part
in the activity.

Click here to download the app:

On the calendar on our website you can find all the fun and exciting activities on offer the whole year round.

Look here to find something to suit you!

Passalen’s programme

Clubs by Passalen:

Ensuring inclusion for children and young adults with disabilities in neighbourhood leisure activities. Here you will find everything from culture and friends to sports and club life.

Weekend clubs:

This is where you will find weekend activities with a focus on social interaction within interest-based activities for children and young people with disabilities.


A public meeting place where everyone, regardless of their functional capacity, can enjoy outdoor life, such as sailing, swimming, sauna and other activities in a safe and playful environment.

Team Gothenburg:

A volunteer pool for young people or young adults who want to attend events. We support volunteers who need additional support, for example due to disabilities.

Working holiday for all:

A project which aims to create equal opportunities for young people with different functional capacity to access working holidays.

Clubs by Passalen

Clubs by Passalen is a programme of activities which ensures participation for children and young adults with disabilities in mainstream public sector leisure activities. Through the programme individuals are supported to find and participate in activities they are interested in. Support available includes outreach work, support interviews and youth workers accompanying on activities. It even includes training activities for staff working in the leisure and culture industry.

All clubs take place in Gothenburg’s open leisure venues such as leisure centres, cultural centres, swimming pools and other sites. At the club, the participants have the opportunity to try out new interests and get to know new friends. We always have youth leaders who meet up outside the venue and support the activity. You are responsible for getting to and from the activity, and if you need a chaperone/assistent they should come to the activity too.


At Jubileumsparken, Passalen runs activities with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusion. The activities are free of charge and accessible so that everyone can take part. Jubileumsparken is intended to be a ‘meeting place’ – somewhere for many different people to meet – and therefore we work hard to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome.

During the year there are several different activities in the park: Sailing, swimming, sauna, holiday activities and camps.

At Jubileumsparken, we recruit 25-30 young park rangers each season. We aim for a working group with different backgrounds, functional capacities, interests and identities – therefore everyone is welcome to apply for a job with us – regardless of who you are.

Read about Jubileumsparken’s opening hours, activities and recruitment:

Team Gothenburg

This came into being in 2009 when there was a need for an organised volunteer pool for the city’s events. Since the aim of Team Gothenburg is to be a bridge between school and working life where every member could have the opportunity to include event work on their CV and build a network of contacts, two different courses are currently offered:

Event management training

This is for those who would like to find out more or work in the events industry. On 10 Tuesday evenings in the spring we work through how to arrange an event. The aim is for the group to arrange their own event or part of an existing event. Further down you can find a link to a film about the training.

Job seeker support

This is for those who want to be better at finding jobs and gives the opportunity to meet employers. In conjunction with the organisation, Skarpt Läge we offer help with writing CVs, covering letters, job interview training and the opportunity to meet employers who are hiring.

Weekend clubs

A weekend club is a weekend activity for children and young people with disabilities who need additional support to build friendships and take part in activities. The participants are put into groups according to their interests and needs and take part in the same group for a year.

Passalen’s weekend clubs are an innovation project which is run by Passalen together with social services in Gothenburg city. The project started in autumn 2020. The aim is to test inclusive weekend activities for children and young people with disabilities.

We focus on the participants’ interests and development.

The activity takes place on Sunday with the aim of providing meaningful activities, friends and participation, Each participant attends the same group on 1 weekend a month, for 10 weekends in total over the year.

Weekend club participants are chosen by social services.

working holiday for all
– about the project

Working holiday for all is a project run by Passalen with support from the European social fund and the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The aim of the project is to develop a method to enable increased inclusion of young people with disabilities in community holiday jobs in Gothenburg city. In collaboration with the Department of Work and Adult Education, we developed the ”Holiday Team” method, which enables young people with disabilities to get extra support in their holiday job.

From application to the workplace

During the project we work with the whole process, from application to the workplace, by:

  • Preparing the target group for what a holiday job entails through holiday job school.
  • Raising awareness among the target group of their opportunities for a holiday job.
  • Support young people with disabilities to apply for holiday jobs.
  • Introduce the holiday team method to employers who recruit holiday staff.
  • Introduce young holiday workers to the holiday team method.